Mission, Vision & Values

For over 80 years, Libramont has drawn its energy from the values of the people of the Earth with the strength of Ardennes draft horses. Libramont has naturally become a place for exchange and commerce for the professionals of the Earth and a meeting place for those who love the life of our rural areas. Libramont is built every year with its own special team spirit, with authenticity, with listening and daring in the service of those who want to base their work on the values of the earth.


Libramont Exhibition and Congress represents continuity. It is built on the same values as the Libramont Fair and the CTA. LEC is innovative within tradition. Innovation, creativity, and a sense of entrepreneurship are the fruit of committed and motivated teams fed by the purpose of their actions.

Libramont Exhibition & Congress, a creator of added-value, a catalyst for growth for the actors of the agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, clean energy, wood construction and other sectors. A catalyst for growth for all of the children of the Earth!


For Libramont Exhibition & Congress teams, the purpose of action comes before profit. Profit is the result of purpose and of the creation of social value. Profit for the sake of profit is meaningless. The purpose of this growth catalyst is to train, exchange, and meet to enable as many people as possible to reconnect with the Earth. Its unique positioning as an exhibition, congress, training and business centre, its unique location, and the "genetic" carryover from the agricultural and forestry fair enable Libramont Exhibition & Congress to position itself as an innovative player meeting fundamental human needs. In fact, food, habitat, energy and a connection with Nature are all fundamental needs of Humanity.

green revolution

The world's population will grow to 9,000,000,000 by 2050, that is, + 2,000,000,000 people in 35 years. This will create enormous pressure on the environment and on natural resources. Only innovation in jobs of the Earth, as old as the world itself, will make it possible for humanity to get there in a harmonious way. This is where the Libramont Exhibition & Congress' purpose comes fully into its own. It is contributing to the development of a city, a province, a region, a country and of Europe, for a better world!

The European model has won around the world. If Europe, like Libramont, continues to innovate and work, it will retain its special position in the world arena and contribute to the creation of a better world. This is the Libramont Exhibition & Congress purpose.

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