A community has found its home

The Libramont Business Club develops its activities at the Libramont Exhibition & Congress (LEC). Its members can find the Libramont atmosphere there all year round: pragmatic and friendly. A community which promotes growth, an exceptional place where you can relax and enjoy reliable services, as well as a rich and enjoyable programme of activities.

To conclude a good deal, you need a little friendliness, good sense, pragmatism and innovation, shared values and a shared vision.

It is this recipe that has made the Libramont trade fair the success it is. This state of mind, this "je ne sais quoi" which makes attendees feel good about having the development of their companies as their priority. 

With the construction of the LEC, businesses are fortunate to benefit from an infrastructure that allows them to strengthen and enhance durability. This exceptional building offers a space to develop the exchange of goods and ideas in the "Libramont Spirit".

A community

This is how the Libramont Business Club came into being. Exchange incubator, breeding ground for talent, the LBC is a place for the Libramont Community to meet and for those who wish to join. 

This community shares common values: creativity, perseverance, integrity, boldness and simplicity. This is a cheerful, plural, effective network - open to all. 

Doing business in a place where trust, integrity, and the strength of one's word have true meaning – this is the trade make of the Libramont Business Club. 

Meetings, sharing experiences, development projects, the Libramont Business Club is a state of mind, carefully cultivated to promote links between its members, who grow together supporting one another along the way.

A place

The Libramont Business Club keeps of its identity and its standing in the place where it was founded and where it develops each day. 

Each member enterprise has privileged access to the offices, meeting rooms and seminar, workshop and conference facilities, in an exclusive yet relaxed environment, within the only exhibition and conference centre of its kind in Europe, keeping in mind the best interests of the LBC members. 

This, along with a magnificent view and innovative catering facilities, are in place for exceptional business meetings, memorable for clients, associates and partners.

A programme

To consolidate this rapidly expanding business network in the long term, LBC also puts forward a  programme of activities which are both interesting and varied. Its objective: to offer members the opportunity to have a good time, educate themselves, stay up to date and forge relationships. 

On a serious note, we would like to highlight the workshops focusing on entrepreneurial spirit, salary optimisation, stress management and smaller group meetings to identify business opportunities.

The club also hosts prestigious speakers and experts in their respective sectors, such as businessman Marc Saverys, maritime transport champion, Walloon entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Lutgen, founder of Ice Watch, or  Bertrand Piccard, engineer, pilot of the solar plane Solar Impulse. 

From a social perspective, everything is put in place to make membership useful and pleasant, with opportunities for exclusive get-togethers, such as whisky tastings or champagne tastings. 

All this makes the Libramont Business Club the community to be in and the natural place to meet!

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