Between tradition and innovation

Libramont Exhibition & Congress, a new complex in the centre of the Belgian Ardennes, is keen to develop economic activities in a rural area in an innovative manner fully in line with a time-honoured tradition.
Between rusticity and modernity, the Libramont Fair is once again taking up the challenge by opening up to the Meeting, Incentive, Congress and Event (MICE) sector.

Libramont Exhibition & Congress: a long… and lasting story!

In constant development since the 1920s, the Libramont Fair site is the outcome of a constant reassessment of the realities of a rural world on the move.

In 1926,

The establishment of the royal society “Le Cheval de Trait Ardennais,” [The Ardennes Draughthorse], which organises the Libramont Fair, showcased the natural and human assets, as well as the creativity and dynamism of an entire region.

The Belgian Ardennes, Famenne and Gaume actually have enormous tourist, economic and cultural prospects. The local stakeholders have managed to capitalise on these assets through the years by casting a new and creative glance on the rural world.

The Libramont Fair established itself as a sound value very rapidly. It is henceforth an indispensable showcase, in Belgium and abroad, of a rural way of life that cultivates its traditions and expertise, whilst steering off well-trodden paths.

The construction of Libramont Exhibition & Congress is naturally part of this historical bent to conceive and give concrete shape to innovative solutions in order to develop economic activity in rural areas.

And since, as we have always been convinced, economic development rhymes with local and ecologically responsible development (and now more than ever), the Libramont Exhibition & Congress complex was designed with sustainability in mind, whilst taking social and environmental responsibility also into account.

In July 2012,

Libramont Exhibition & Congress will be inaugurated with the Libramont Agricultural, Forestry and Agri-Foodstuffs Fair – A most telling symbol!

For the Libramont region and for all the local stakeholders, 2012 will be a year of smooth transition… naturally!

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